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How we promote British Values in our setting


At Horn End Nurseries our curriculum is child led. Children's interests are taken into account and they are allowed to make decisions on a daily basis both as a group and as individuals.

Children are regularly asked about their preferences at nursery and these are recorded in our Children's Voices books. Staff are trained to ensure they take notice of children's opinions and adapt the environment, routine and curriculum as necessary.

Every day key persons engage in circle time sessions to ensure all children have a voice.


Rule of Law

We have a comprehensive behaviour policy which is applied fairly and consistently. Children are encouraged to discuss these rules and understand the reasons for having them.



Individual Liberty

Children are encouraged to be independent learners. They serve their own meals, learn magic coats, are responsible for washing thier hands after outdoor play etc.

In circle times feelings are often discussed and we have several books and resources used to help with these such as our persona dolls.



Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Our resources reflect the wide diversity of our community and our activity planning ensures all faiths, communities and traditions are celebrated. Staff challenge all types of stereotyping using our resources and situations which arise spontaneously in play. Regular trips ensue that children can engage with the wider community as well as encouraging visitors to the nursery to develop strong community links.

Full British Values Policy