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Keeping your child healthy and ensuring they get good nutrition whilst at nursery are two roles we take very seriously at Horn End.


Mealtimes are a happy sociable occasion where children have the opportunity to try a range of foods. Children in all rooms are involved in serving their meals. This helps them learn about portion size, encourages them to try unfamiliar tastes and gives them independence.

Our kitchens have all been awarded 5* ratings by Environmental Health Officers and we have also achieved the Gold Standard in Nurturing Health Awards.


We offer a morning and afternoon snack and again these are nutritious and include fruit, vegetable chunks, cheese, rice cakes, toast, dried fruits etc.


A child spending a full day at Horn End will have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in a day.


Drinks provided through the day are milk and water as these are best for a child’s dental health. Children have access to water at all times.

Fresh air and physical exercise are essential for good health. We have exciting and challenging play areas outside and a child at Horn End could spend up to fifty percent of their day outside. All our nurseries have equipment for climbing, bikes of all different types, large construction and den making areas.


We also have specialist teachers every month who teach the children Zumbatonic and Leaps and Bounds.

Maintaining Health

Health and Nutrition

Every day our cooks prepare from scratch a nutritious balanced meal and our menus vary over 8 weeks. Our menus are displayed for you to see and prior to your child starting nursery we will ensure that your child's dietary needs are catered for. Most of our recipes can be adapted to suit a gluten free diet or have a vegetarian option.


Here is a sample of a typical weeks menu:

Health and Nutrition health and nutrition table Health and Nutrition 2