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We aim to give your child confidence and independence. Even our two year olds can put on their own coats!


Children who have attended Horn End are able to listen and sit patiently, show respect for others, tidy up after activities, dress themselves and communicate effectively. They will have good social skills and manners and are used to making decisions for themselves.


The majority of children by aged 4 will be able to write their name, recognise many letter sounds, and have acquired mathematical concepts of number, shape and size. They will have succeeded in reaching many of the goals set out in The Early Years Foundation Stage.


We believe it is important to ensure your child makes a smooth transition to school and there are a number of steps we take to ensure this;


We are in contact with local schools before your child moves on and have meetings with the teachers to discuss each child’s needs/development;


We talk to the children about school and use props such as dinner trays and uniform to engage them in relevant conversations about the change;


We complete a transition report as part of our assessment process which briefly summarises the level your child is at in all seven areas of learning;


If your child receives additional support such as speech therapy, special needs support then we involve these professionals in the process.

Preparation for School