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"Once again I would just like to say a massive thank you to you, your nurseries and the teams you have in place they are all amazing and offer the children the best care and education I have ever seen." Rebecca Kearns

"I always recommend the nursery to my friends and would not want to send my children anywhere else." Shona Reynolds

"We love the little touches such as emailed photos during the day to show us what the children are doing at nursery; we really appreciate having a glimpse into their activities. It is no small thing to entrust someone with the care of your child, but Fiona and her team make it so much easier as we are always confident that the children are in good hands." Thanks Helen

"We want to thank Horn End Nursery in Hixon for caring for Isobel so well. The care and attention our daughter receives from everyone is brilliant and certainly makes going to work alot easier knowing your child will have a fun packed day." Jane Pearce

"Richard and I would like to say a huge thank you to you both, and the team, for all the hard work you have put into Rosie's memory maker. I brought it home over the weekend to show Richard because, as you know he is away during the week and some weekends, and often feels he misses out on how Rosie is developing and what she gets upto. We all sat down as a family and looked at the pictures and read the activies and evaluations. Rosie was telling us her stories too, it was just priceless!" Kelly Millington

"I just want to say I have been truly impressed with the staff in all the rooms Mia has been in throughout her years at Horn End. Leaving her at 10 months old to return to work, was made so much easier knowing she was cared for so well by Jo Jo and all in baby smalls at the time. I have been so happy with Jess and Sara in Toby Talls, they make so much effort with the play areas and activities for the children. After a few learning experiences with Mia and her diet requirements, I must say everyone made a huge effort to teach Mia and all her friends about what she can and cannot eat. It astounds me when her little pals come running up asking me if Mia can have this, that and the other when we are at parties, this is surely a great testament to Jess and her team and all their hard work. I would highly recommend your nursery and wish you all well in the future."

"I feel that hornend could not have been more informative or professional when it has come to keeping me up to date on Max's progress and on polices and procedures that you have in place. I have always felt fully informed and staff have always approachable. I have nothing but praise and the highest recommendations for hornend and thank each member of staff for their caring, teaching & support. I certainly feel that Max has had the best start to his education and social life thanks to hornend". Stacey

“To Everyone at Horn End, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the grown-ups and children at Horn End for making my time here so wonderful, I have had a great time and I will miss you all. Mommy and Daddy are so pleased that they found such a great nursery that has played a key role in making me the confident and sociable little man I am, and giving me the excellent building blocks for what I hope will be a wonderful time at school. I can’t wait to come back to visit when Harry starts soon. Lots of love Jack Thurstance (Ruth and Ant Thurstance, Mommy and Daddy)

To Fiona, Becky, Abby and all the staff involved in the Toby Talls Christmas concert,


We wanted to send an e.mail to say a huge thank you to all of you for putting on such a wonderful concert this morning. The Toby Talls were all fantastic and did an amazing job for their age. It was obvious they enjoyed it and had got a lot out of it. It was clear a lot of time and effort by the staff had gone into making it so good.


We were thrilled with Elise joining in and we know this was down to the wonderful job both Becky and Abby have done over the last few weeks to give her the time, reassurance and confidence to do what she did this morning.


are so proud of her and we want to especially thank Becky and Abby as they have gone out of their way to make sure Elise could be part of the concert.

We cannot thank or praise them enough. It was a huge thing for our little girl and the credit goes to all your amazing staff.


We will continue to recommend Hixon Horn End to friends and as far as we are concerned it is an outstanding Nursery. Thank you again for such a wonderful morning, from two very proud and grateful parents,


Valerie and Phil Callaghan