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What Makes Horn End So Special?

ZUMBA - Kids


How It Works

Zumba® Kids, Jr classes are rockin', high-energy dance parties packed with child-friendly routines. We break down steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.



Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements such as leadership, re-spect, team work,

confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance, cultural awareness.

Our Nursery Owner Deborah Barton is a licensed Zumba teacher, and rotates her Zumba® Kids classes so that all children at Horn End can join in!

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SOCATOTS– Physical Programme


Horn End Nurseries are committed to ensuring that the children in their care have the best possi-ble start in life. We want the children to learn skills that will help them and remain with them for-ever.


SOCATOTS provide classes for children aged between walkers to 5 years of age; this is a unique, fun-based concept, aimed at giving children their very first start with football. The main aim is to help encourage all aspects of mental and physical development using football as a medium.


On completion of the programme, a child will be fully confident on the ball and will have devel-oped basic all round football skills in dribbling, passing and control. Not only does this develop football skills, but also numeracy, literacy and motor skills.


SOCATOTS sessions take place at Horn End Nurseries on a monthly basis!

Valuing Children’s

Dream Coracles


We first decided to introduce the Dream Coracle at the beginning of 2013 as our prac-tice had changed dramatically due to the introduction of the EYFS in 2012. Our envi-ronment became more child led, and this enabled us to evaluate all aspects of our rou-tine. We had been encouraging the children to become more independent for many years before the EYFS changed to allow more scope for this, for example; our children serve their own meals, and learn from a very young age how to do ‘magic coats.’


The Coracles offer a low level, secure and comfortable bed for babies and young chil-dren to be able to crawl into and out of. Early Years experts believe that crawling babies should not be confined in cots, but have freedom to choose when to sleep or rest. Our child led sleep routines ensure that all children are given opportunities for rest and sleep, even those as young as babies!

Valuing Children’s Communication


Horn End Nurseries follow a specialist programme designed by Smalltalk. Horn End’s view is that communication is fundamental to early learning and confidence. All staff received this training and this enables them to assess and improve their own skills when developing chil-dren’s speech and language. At Horn End we promote the use of sign language with all chil-dren; we also ensure all rooms are language and literacy environments, filled with words, and books, to develop children’s new ideas and growing minds. Alongside Smalltalk, Horn End Nurseries also promote Every Child a Talker. Through everyday, fun and interesting activities which reflect children’s interests, ECAT encourages early language development right from the outset, extending children’s vo-cabulary and helping them build sentences so that before they start school, children are confident and skilled communicators.

Dream Coracles Small Talk Programme