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We carry out observations on your child on a daily basis. These are completed by your child’s key person and entered into a special book we call a Memory Maker. In this book we stick photographs as well which illustrate your child’s progress in all areas of learning.


This information is then analysed and entered into our formal assessment record which is called a Tracker. This monitors all areas of your child’s development in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage and allows us to identify if there any concerns or areas requiring attention. The tracker can be complied by parents at home if they wish and is a shared record which follows the child through nursery to school.


When a child is two we complete a progress record. This can be done anytime after a child’s second birthday and before they are three and is in addition to the developmental check carried out by health visitors. Parents are invited to meet their child’s key person in order to complete this assessment as accurately as possible.

When a child leaves Horn End we will complete a summary transition record for them to take to their new setting. Usually this is the report that teachers find most useful when a child starts school as it summarises all the detailed information in the Tracker.


Our team are experienced Early Years Professionals and parents are always welcome to ask for advice or additional support. We have access to a wide range of other services such as special needs experts and speech therapists should this be required.

Monitoring Your Child's Progress

Monitoring your childs progress Your Childs Progress